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original arabica luwak roasted
original arabica luwak roasted

At Sevendays Coffee we served selected and best taste of Luwak or single Coffee for our beloved customer, which in the moment we do it online our workshop and mini kafe at

sevendays coffee

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Our Product Sevendays Luwak Coffee consist a unique Flavour, which the aroma are very rich and strong, with a full bodied, syrupy, and a thick of cream on top also a hint of chocolaty along with clean aftertaste.






Original Gayo arabica luwak Coffee Product 

Profile ; Famous and expensive coffee in the world. Medium Roast with strong bodied, rich aroma (nutty, chocolate, spicy, sugar brown), balance taste (between bitter & acid), sweet aroma & taste, smooth/clean after taste and memorable aromatic. Suitable for all method of extraction. 

  • Origin         Takengon
  • Altitude      1400 – 1600 mdplCoffee
  • Variety       Arabica
  • Processing   Semi wet Process
  • Cost per Kg : Rp.1.200.000,- 

Documents & Certificate 

Origins of the good issued by DEPERINDAG ( the Ministry of industry and trade). 

Green Bean authentic certificate issued by SUCOFINDO.

Cupping Test certificate issued by "Pusat Penelitian Kopi & Kakao Jember" (Indonesian Trusted Institution for Coffee and Chocolate products).


Aceh Gayo Specialty Coffee

Profile ;

Medium Gold roasted coffee with herbal aroma, syrupy, spicy, cinamon, sugar brown,earthy flavor and full body with a smooth aftertaste. Try this coffee served as a traditional espresso and Brew method

  • Origin             : Takengon
  • Altitude          : 1400 – 1600 mdpl
  • Coffee Variety : Arabica
  • Processing      : wet Process
  • Cost per Kg     : Rp. 250.000,-


TATOR  - Tana Toraja Specialty Coffee ( pulu pulu )

Profile ;

Medium Roasted Coffee with medium acidity, strong vibrant flavor and rich full bodied, fruity,  sugar brown, balance taste, coffee with a distinctive aroma.Suitable for brew method.

  • Origin             : Enrekang
  • Altitude          : 1300 – 1700 mdpl
  • Coffee Variety : Arabica
  • Processing      : Dry  Process
  • Cost per Kg     : Rp. 250.000,-


Papua Specialty Coffee

Profile ;

Medium Roast  Full body, fresh, confort & sweet aroma, fruity, spicy, sugar brown, medium acidity, good balance and fine after taste.

  • Origin             : Waimena
  • Altitude          : 1500 -1700 mdpl
  • Coffee Variety : Arabica
  • Processing      : Dry prosess
  • Cost per kg     : Rp. 290.000,-



profile ;

European Blend Selected  blended Sumatera arabica, Papua arabica and Toraja arabica coffee. Medium roasted, full bodied, balance taste, coffee with rich aroma, syrupy, soft in the cup & clean after taste. Recommended for café with espresso Machines.

  • Origin             : Sumatera, Toraja & Papua
  • Altitude          : 1500 -1700 mdpl
  • Coffee Variety : Arabica
  • Processing      : Wet & Dry prosess
  • Cost per kg     : Rp. 250.000,-


another origin coffee from indonesia Bali - kintamani , Java - kalisat , and custom coffee start from IDR 155.000 - IDR 200.000 (/kg )

" you decide the price we mixed the bean "



Our Delivery Service 

For Customer in Indonesia the price exclude courier charges depend on your postal code in Indonesia( PT. Pos Indonesia, Tiki, JNE, etc).

For our Customer Outside Indonesia we can deliver your order plus shipping cost to Destination your Country selected. And we will delivered our Luwak / single origin Coffee Fresh and guarantee 100% pure Luwak Coffee.

We at Sevendays Coffee belived that our customer are very selected and know the values of our product, that is why we don't belived in return policy for that reason, And we hope everyone enjoy your visit here, and satisfied with our Sevendays Luwak and single origin Coffee products.